About Me

I am a programmer, architect, team lead, agile coach and certified Scrum Master from the UK. I work as a Principal Software Craftsman at Codurance. I help teams write clean, well-crafted code, create great products and deliver them regularly and reliably.

Over the past 16 years I have helped create software to:

  • Help audit clinical care in NHS hospitals.
  • Manage planning and building control applications for UK local authorities.
  • Manage a BS7666 compliant land and property gazetteer.
  • Assist with vehicle damage estimation and manage the related insurance claims.
  • Protect e-mail users from zero-day malware attacks.
  • Help prevent falsified medicines from harming patients across the EU.

I believe in the principles of agile software development, and that practices and approaches derived from them are the best ways to develop software we currently know of. I care about good software craftmanship practices like test driven development, behaviour driven development, domain driven design, SOLID object orientated code and continuous delivery.

The main purpose of the blog is to make me a better writer by forcing myself to write more frequently. The topics will mainly be programming bits and bobs, solutions to my IT yak shaving problems and opinions on the things I care about.

The opinions expressed here are my own, and do not represent the views of my employer.