No Audio Over HDMI After Windows 10 Upgrade

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Sometime after my otherwise successful upgrade to Windows 10 I connected my laptop to a Samsung TV like I had done a million times before and was irked to discover that the sound output was no longer working.

As I expected, the google consensus was that I needed some driver updates. After a wasting a good 30 minutes installing and reinstalling various drivers I stumbled across the solution by accident.

If you have a similar problem, try checking the default playback format of your device before wading into the driver quagmire, like so:

  • Find your Monitor/TV/whatever in the Playback Devices window (see below) and view it’s properties.

    Playback Devices window

  • On the Advanced Tab check the Default Format. For me, Windows had chosen to set this to ‘24bit, 48000 Hz (Studio Quality)’. Lowering this value a bit (see below) restored the audio.

    Lower Quality Default Format

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